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Peg Board Game

Better than the Peg Board Game at Cracker Barrel!

Buttery-Smooth Drag and Drop

Simple Clean Design

Personal Stats

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Best Peg Game on the Play Store

Are you a Genius?

This is the classic Peg Board Solitare Game similar to the one that can be found at any Cracker Barrel.
Jump over each peg one by one as fast as you can!
Leave one peg on the board and you are considered to be a “Genius”.

Download it here

Trace Note

Trace Note from Google Play Store

Trace Note, draw ideas, pictures, or write something on a transparent note!  You can trace what you see behind the note or you can use your digital art skills to create a masterpiece.  Create your own digital art painting on a Samsung mobile device and share it with your friends.  Import a picture of a canvas print from your gallery with the insert image button and then trace the picture.  If you need to show someone how to do something on their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 just open Trace Note in pen window mode and highlight what you need to show with a bright color!   Tattoo art is amazing and the idea came from a tattoo artist with a Do-It-Yourself LED light box.   Create your tattoo ideas on a transparent note and save them for later.

What is transparency? The condition of being transparent or in other words a “see through” object(like a trace note!).

This app will work with Samsung devices such as: Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab. If you have used this app on a Samsung device not listed above, please Comment or Email me with your device model.
Please note that you must have a Samsung device and download SPenSDK3 from the Play Store. When the app first opens it will prompt you to download SPenSDK3 from the play store if it is not already installed on your device.

Rotate an Inserted Image
Trace Note Help Screen